(To asure that you hear the sound, you should download  VLC player and use it - it is one of the best media players. Just search for it in Google.

Probably you will have to download the videofiles to your computer first (small files), otherwise they may be streamed in IE witout sound. The speach in most of the videos is in Norwegian.)




Horta June 2009

Eva paints the wall


British Vergin Islands, April 2009

Eva walking in Dead Man's bay

Eva at the helm sailing Sir Drake's Channel


St. Martin April 2009

Net connection in the cockpit


Barbuda April 2009

Fregate birds


Iles des Saints March 2009

View from the lunch restaurant


Dominica March 2009

Eva at the sulphur deposits

On our way to the boiling lake

In the sulphur mist

The boiling lake

Hot tub 1

Hot tub 2

Two ways of passing the time

Also on the anchorage

Eva in the rain forest

Middelham falls

Bjørn swims the Middelham falls



Union island February 2009



Bequia February 2009



Carriacou February 2009

Eva walking in Hillsborough


Grenada February 2009

Independence day parade

Cha-cha-cha on independence day


Martinique January 2009

Gregor sceptical at the rain

Eva on wild banana photo safari

Maria on the beach in Saint Anne

Gregor on the beach in Saint Anne

Eva takes a bath in Grand Anse d'Arlet



St Lucia 2008 (New December)

Drive in volcano

Drive in volcano 2

Local children at the hot pool


The Atlantic - the crossing 2008 (New December)

Eva cutting the fish

Bjørn at the helm

New passengers mid Atlantic

Educated passengers


The Atlantic - spring 2008

Outside Portugal

Easy sail




Eva in restaurant

Bjørn in café

Old port in Bizerte



Cup of coffee in Almerimar

Eva has reached the peak of Valeta (3400m)

Bjørn on the top of Valeta (Sierra Nevada)

Morning in Almerimar


On bord

Eva at the helm towards the Canarias

Towing the dingy

Inside 1

Inside 2

Inside 3

Inside 4


Canarie Islands

In the park in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Las Ramblas

The Promenade