are Eva and Bjørn.

Eva is a  biochemical engineer. Her work is in the Department of Biochemcis in  Rikshospitalet. She is 52 years old at the start of our jurney. She is the mother of Maria. Eva's greatest cocern regarding the voyage, is leaving Maria, who is 23 years old. Eva knows very well that Maria will manage, but even so...

Bjørn is educated economist and engineer. His work is as a project leader in PTL. He is 62 years at the start of the voyage. He is the father of Aleksander and Gregor. Also Bjørn has his concerns how his two sons will do without him, but mostly the reason for this is that he wants to believe he is indesposable.

We have always had our longings for exploring the world, yearning for new experiences to enrichen life. The courage to make it real, has grown with growing age and better opportunities. Now we go.

We wishes to make a side trip  in life. To experience a littel ,ore. Meet more people. Walk or bicycle in Andalucia, explore Turkey and Tunisia. Walk palm beaches in Caribbean. Feel the calm and the lonleyness at sea. Philosophy and dream under the stars. Read a lot. Have our dinners in the cockpit, accompanied by a bottel of wine now and then.

The name of our boat is "Tatt av vinden". It is the Norwegian translation of the film title "Gone with the wind". The name expresses part of the philosophy of our voyage: Not too many fixed wayponits. Sort of a loose plan. Possible deviations on our way. The start of ARC from Las Palmas 23. November is fixed. Besides from this the feelings, our strengths and the wind will guide the decisions.

We hope and believe that our dreams and experiences will inspire others to fullfill their dreams. The most frightening is to make the decision.

Some photos of us in our boat here.