Eva and Bjørn


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- s/y "Tatt av vinden" 2013 -


Eva Grønn - first mate and crew and chef and ... plans our sightseeings and tours ashore and inland. She is a Long Range Radio operator, Competent Crew and  has sailed more than 20.000 miles and crossed the Atlantic three times. Besides cruising, Eva loves bicycling, running, travel and hiking. Eva is a biochemist and master of public health by education. She is retired from February 2018.

Bjørn Larsen - captain and engineer and crew and... does all the dirty work too. Bjørn holds skippers certificate D5LA, Long Range Radio operator, HAM certificate and Open Water diving. He has sailed more than 25.000 miles and crossed the Atlantic three times. Bjørn is an engineer and economist by education, and now (from 2016) retired.

We are sailors - and we like travelling - like many others. We love the life in our "Tatt av vinden"

And we like to share some of our experiences and what we explore.

This is the site for it.

We are Norwegians, we are married, we married in Lisboa last millennium (1999). Our home port is Blommenholm, Oslo, Norway.

"Tatt av vinden" is a Norwegian name - and means Gone With the Wind. That is kind of a headline for what we like to do: Travel to other countries. Travel in different ways. Where the wind blows.

In 2013 we sailed from Oslo and since we have spent winter seasons in Caribbean waters. In 2018 we plan for more...

Previous cruising:

In 2006 we sailed form Dunkerque to Oslo. The first time with "Tatt av vinden". In 2008 we sailed from Oslo and spent the summer in the Mediterranean before we crossed the Atlantic to the Caribbean and sailed back in 2009.  That was our first real offshore experience - in addition to crossing Skagerak from Norway to Denmark. In 2013 we once more sailed from Oslo, set to participate in the ARC for a second time. We spent 2013/14 and the next three seasons in the Caribbean. In 2017 we had 25 years of sailing together. Most years we did coastal sailing.




s/y "Tatt av vinden"

Maria Grønn Sanchez (Eva's daughter) and Daniel Bekkedal  joined Bjørn on the first leg in 2013. Blommenholm (Oslo) to Gothenburg.

Maria sailed with us several summer holidays when she was younger. Maria is a diver and holds PADI Open Water. Daniel has sailed dinghies and knows the sea.

Daniel and Maria

Javier Jimenez (Spain) (below) and Marlon (Germany) (to the right) joined Bjørn for the leg from La Coruña to Lagos.  Marlon has sailed in the Mediterranean several times. He is also a very skillful handyman. (2013)


Javier is a very experienced sailor who has crossed the Atlantic four times. (2013)





Knut and Ellen Nesje joined Bjørn for the leg from Lagos to Las Palmas. They have a lot of experience from coastal sailing. They have sailed along the Norwegian coast up to northern Norway and back. They have their own boat, "Zephyr". (2013)



Knut and Ellen

Lars Johannes Sørbo came with "Tatt av vinden" to cross the Atlantic. Lars has experience both from racing and cruising. He has a lot of coastal experience and has also sailed offshore.  He has his own boat, "Awesome". (2013)


Gregor Skaug Larsen (Bjørn's son) and Nina joined Eva and Bjørn in Bonaire and sailed with us on "Tatt av vinden" to Curacao in April. Gregor has sailed with his father every summer through his childhood, but for Nina it was the first time. For Gregor it was the second time sailing in Caribbean. (2014). Gregor is a diver and holds PADI advanced certificate and a divemaster licence.

Gregor joins us from Panama to Galapagos.

Nina will visit us in Galapagos.

Gregor and Nina


Robert joined us together with Maria for a few days in Kuna Yala (San Blas). Robert is an experienced diver, but scuba diving is not allowed in Kuna Yala . It had to be snorkeling.


Anne Sofie Grønn is Eva's sister. Anne Sofie will join us as crew for four months in the Pacific. She has no sailing experience, but she is very sporty and loves hiking. She has participated several times in Nordsjørittet (bicycle). In addition she holds a PADI advanced license.

Anne Sofie will join us from Galapagos to Siciety Islands


Anne Sofie

Mia Norman hitch hike with different boats from Panama to New Zealand. She is Swedish. We met her in Bora Bora, and she asked to join us from Bora Bora to Tonga. We felt that she would be a valuable crew, and Eva and Bjørn would get more sleep. And we were not mistaken. She is an experienced traveller who has visited many countries, among them New Zealand and Costa Rica.


David Orieux joined Tatt av vinden in Nuku'alofa to be crew for the last leg in the Pacific, from Tonga to New Zealand. David is an experienced sailor from France.