These are some of the cruisers we met. Most of them we met sailing, but some  we met other places. They were all active cruisers when we met them.

Often boats can be traced by their AIS signal.

Try one of these websites: http://www.marinetraffic.com/ais/   -   http://www.vesselfinder.com/vessels


"Mera" (NO)

Robin and Espen  

"Acapella" (NL)

Ellen Reijndorp and Martin Prins http://www.acapella-at-sea.com/

"Ella" (DK)

Benedikte and Henrik Jakobsen http://ellaella.dk/the-ship-ella/

"Nala Danica" (DK)

Anette and Allan Sylvest


"L'Attitude Ajustment" (NZ)

Sarah and Adam  

"Summer" (US)

Leo and Laurel Pershall  

"Kea" (NO)

Janne and Tor Kristian and kids http://www.keablog.no/sy-lasirene-2/

"C'est si bon" (NO)

Karl Ludvig and Maria and kids https://ulafamilien.com

"Xenia" (DK)

Libeth and Henrik  

"Rubicon" (SE)

Lisa and Johan Persson https://syrubicon.wordpress.com/

"Ultimo" (SE)

Carina and Conny Hammarlund http://www.lazylady.net/

"Jovial" (NO)

Anne Kristin and Atle  

"Babette" (NO)


"HarryZ" (NO)

Britt Eikemo and Erik Føyn http://www.harryztur.com/

"Alutia" (NO)

Birgitte and Olav Hasseknippe http://www.syalutia.no

"Impuls" (NO)

Marianne og Kolbjørn http://www.syimpuls.blogspot.com

"Cubaneren" (NO)

Maren Magda og Karl Otto Book http://cubaneren.no/

"Hakuna Matata" (SE)

Tuija and Ingvar Lövtangen http://syhakunamatata.se/#home

"Spray" (SE)

Karl-Axel and Elisabet Wenzlaff https://syspray.se/

"Loupan" (SE)

Ulla Lilja Berg and Per (Pelle) Perg http://www.loupan.se

"Wilhelm" (NO)

Ann-Helen og Halvard http://www.sy-wilhelm.com/

"Tamara" (NO)

Gina L. Nilsen og Lars-Fredrik Moe-Helgesen https://tamaraseiltur.wordpress.com/

"Manatee" (DE)

Angelika and Helmut Dückerhoff http://www.manatee-segeln.de/

"Calamares" (A)

Walter and Emmy Motschlunig www.sailblogs.com/member/calamares

"Arctic Vixen" (CA)

Ron and Penny House  

"Aphrodite" (DE)

Cordula and Andreas Raimund  

"Snuppå" (NO)

Karin Skaara and Jan Erik Aase http://snuppaa.blogspot.no/

"Dory" (NO)

Jon Halstenrud and Trude Løchting http://www.jordomseiling-med-dory.com/

"Milla" (NO)

Kjell Lauritz Thorsnes and Lise Borgland http://langturseilas.blogg.no/

"Leikaren" (NO)

Turid og Helge http://leikaren.blogspot.no/

"Aspen" (US)

Steve and Maria http://syaspen.blogspot.com/   -   http://ecaribbeanplace.com/ECaribbeanPlace.html

"Eventyr" (NO)

Anders and Elisabeth  

"Saphir" (NO)

Erling and Gro http://www.saphir.no/

"Mary" (NO)

Janick and Mailin  

"Morgengry" (NO)

Gry and Bård http://morgengryeventyr.blogspot.com/

"Gozwoz" (GB)


"Catara" (NO)

Odd Ivar and Tove http://sy-catara.blogspot.com/

"Krivicalo" (NO)

Kjell and Lone  

"Shekina" (NO)

Geir Magne and Tonje http://sailingwithshekina.com/

"Brisa del mar" (NO)

Thorbjørn and Brith Helen http://blog.mailasail.com/brisadelmar

"Morning Star" (NO)

Gro Bettschar and Aleksander Wiik http://rosaseilblogg.wix.com/rosaseilblogg#

"Viking Spirit" (NO)

Arild Andreas Andersen and Lisbeth Andersen  

"Draumen (NO)

Jon Markus Gjersund  

"Caroona" (DE

Udo Meissner and Christa http://www.caroona.de

"Queen Nadine" (CH)

Werner, Silvia and Hans Peter  

"Mezzaluna" (US)

Jeff Anderson and Katie Lauritzen http://www.sailblogs.com/member/mezzaluna/

"Imagine" (NO)

Tor Graf Dahl  

"Ismini" (SE)

 Mats Törmark and Anna-Lena Bernhed  

"Fortia" (NO)

Ole Petter and Sølvi http://www.sailingfortia.net/

"Alien" (AU)

Conny and Martin http://www.spiritofsail.org/reisevideos/