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We met two Norwegian boats in Esperanza, Vieques. These are Aleksander and Gro from "Morning Star".


These guys are Lisbeth and Arild from "Viking spirit". The pictures are taken an evening in the cockpit of "Tatt av vinden"


Next morning this one came swimming by.


We made a tour of the island and one of the things we saw, was this 350 year old Ceiba tree. They have these special root systems, and this one is of enormous dimensions.


Aleksander, Gro and Eva in front of the Ceiba tree.


A lot of horses are grassing around the island. This one is special, it is an albino.


This "indian" was sitting in a tree. At least one could imagin him from a certain angle.


Las Coronas. In Isabel Segunda, the capital of Vieques.


Look at this waterspout (tornado over the sea). It is spotted outside Esperanza. Luckily it did not come over the boats or into the harbour. Where it is whipping the sea, is a large area, because the spout is at least a mile out. And see the channel all the way up to the cloud!

People we talked to said this was very rare this time of the year, all too early. Closer to the hurricane season they are seen more frequently. We are not sure if this is correct, because five years ago, in the first half of May we spotted a few  on our crossing From BVI to the Azores. But well, this one is much bigger, and we believe much stronger. - Scaring thing.