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Bonaire - 1






We are approaching Bonaire, and we see the large salt piles.

Bonaire is one of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao), a former colony of the Netherlands, and later part of the Netherland Antilles. Since 2010 Bonaire has been a special municipality in the Netherlands.


After three days at see we were pretty quick to locate the local dinghy dock and the bar on it.


Wall decoration in Kralendijk, the capital of Bonaire


Of course we made more visits to the bar at the dinghy dock. It had the best sunsets and best sundowners.


The promenade in Kralendijk was wanderful.


Very soon Gregor and Nina arrived to visit us, and we moved into the marina for greater flxibility. But the climate is better on the moorings outside, and definitely less expensive.


We jired a car and went into the national park. Here is the iguanas the most spectacular wildlife beside the birds.


The cactus dildo was plentifull.

  This proves that there has been life on the island long before us.

  The pink flamingos. They find them in Caribbean, the Bahamas, Florida and in Galapagos. To us they make a very special an spectacular sight.


Bjørn, Gregor and Nina on one of the several trips around the island of Bonaire. Bihind is a big pile of conch shells.