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We met the pink Flamingos in Curacao also. But this time we saw them in the famous aquarium on the island.


A sea lion does a lot for some fish.


Stealing a kiss..


A turtle looking out of the water.


The dolphin show was the best of the aquarium. Spectacular!


Impressive jumps.


This one actually does like Jesus, he waks on the water. Unbelievable.


Jumping just for joy - and for the fish they get.


Throwing one of the instructors triumfantly into the air.


After the visit to the aquarium we relaxed at the Hemingway bar at the Lion's diving resort near by.


After Nina and Gregor went back to Oslo Eva and Bjørn was occupied by making the body ready for storage on the hard in Curacao marina. But as often usual, we forgot to make any photos of the working days. Better to remember Hemingway bar where we shall return in November...