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Baiona and Baiona to Cascais, Lisboa






Marlon and Bjørn disscussing the approach to Baiona.


"Tatt av vinden" in Baiona.


A replica of one of the ships of Colon (Columbus). In this ship there is a hammoc. The Spanish people discovered the hammoc in Caribbean (!). This made for a much better sleep for the crew. Earlier they slept on the deck. (In Europe we also invented the steel plough 1000 years later then the Chinese did...)

But Colon sailed there. No one can take that away from him.

He did not reach the continent. But he thought he had arrived in India, so the West Indies and the indians.

(Or did he believe he had found the new way to India? Some historians question this. Some think he might have read the cronicals of the vikings going there, and that India was just for Isabella who sponsored him... But probably that mostly apply to us Norwegians. We think maybe the continent should have been called Leivland? After Leiv Eiriksson?)

In due time the continent instead was named in honor of Amerigo Vespucci, for his discovery of the mainland of the New World, where the indians had lived for maybe more than 10.000 years. (I don't know their name of the continent though.)

  A view of Baiona marina and the yacht club.


Captain with happy crew in Baiona marina.


Marlon is testing the water. 15 degrees. Never ask a person in the water what the temperature is. He will always add a few degrees if it is cold. That was exactly what happened. A person swimming around reported "18 or more" Consequently Marlon dived in.


After motoring for a while out of Baiona, it was time for the genaker. Up it goes.


It is a nice feeling while it lasts.

Later on the wind increased, and we had to sail just on the genoa. During the night it gusted 30 knots a couple of times. The seas was about 3 meters with some higher. Most of the night was good though with 22 - 25 knots of wind. And the wind was allways on the stern. We had fog for half an hour after dark, but then the full moon smiled at us the rest of the night.


From Cascais we visited Lisboa by train


The weather in Lisboa was hot summer, and we jumped on a tram instead of walking up the hill. These are the sightseeing trams.


This is one of the old ones, just where we jumped off.


Javier has a beer.