Ciudad Perdida Colombia, December 2014 - January 2015 (1)

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6 days hiking to The Lost City.


These cars took us up a bumpy road to the starting point for the hike.


The first stop after 20 minutes. We intend to take a bath, but forget to take pictures.


The real thing starts: Up - up - up - up.


Beautiful view out of the rain forrest.



One hour on a steep path like this.


The kitchen at the first camp.


These flowers have a nice look. But they are used for a very dagerous and potent drug.


Looking into Sierra Nevada. We never saw the snow, and we have not talked to anyone who has seen it. But the mountains do have snow on their caps.



These trees are huge.


Some of the indeginous women did some handycraft when they walked the paths.


The machete she carries is a normal size, but this is the only little girl we met who carried one. Normally only the men carry them, but they do it all the time.


Pinapple served at one of our short rests.


The path often followed a river.


An Indian village. There are about 20 huts, and maybe ten people living in each of them. These people get a percentage of what we pay for the hike.


After a long walk coffee tastes very good.


Eva is of no different opinion.


The kitchen of the second camp. No electric power. Everything is cooked over open fire.


These two men are guides. Edvin in the background. Albeiro in the front. Albeiro also cookes three meals a day.


This belly does not look good, and she did not seem happy. There are some health care stations in the area, so if there is something wrong, hopefully she gets help.