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Ciudad Perdida Colombia, December 2014 - January 2015 (2)




6 days hiking to The Lost City.


Some nice people we met. Most of the people we met were much younger than us. Bjørn with Emelie (France). Emelie spoke five languages, but no English. The two men are from Argentina. Both spoke good English. Far right is Isabel from Colombia. She had stayed a year in the US, so she spoke excellent English, and helped us a lot with translation from Spanish.


The mules were indispensible. They carried among other things the food.


Here the mules have a rest. We had seen nothing as patient as these mules.


These are the beds in the camps. The moskito nets kept the bugs out. One bed under and one bed over. We slept 8 - 9 hours every night.



Indian huts.


Another place to swim - but still no photos...


These men are drinking something mysterious. The idea is that the drink shall give them  long life. Men only!


Bjørn in the rain forrest.



Edvin cuts oranges and pineapple at the top of the (long) track..


Bjørn takes a rest while the fruit is cut.


Passing a banana plantation in the middle of the forrest.


A male and his harem..


Eva takes some notes of something she has learned.


This frog is very big. Don't think we are talking microlife here! All streached out it would probably measure at least 40 - 50 cm.


One of the many waterfalls.


When there are no more beds available, there are hammocks. We tried that for one night. Not very comfortable, but we slept in stages through the night.


The third camp is just below La Ciudad Perdida. Here Edvin puts up an exibition about the Lost City. He had been a guide for 25 years and done the tour up there about 700 times. He had also kept his enthusiasm, and told the history of La Ciudad Perdida in a lively way. We were told that he is the only guide who does this.


We are ready for the 1200 stairs that lead to the Lost City (La Ciudad Perdida).


The first half is very steep.