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Ciudad Perdida Colombia, December 2014 - January 2015 (4)




6 days hiking to The Lost City.


Here we are with the Argentinian girls and Lindsey and Austin in the bacground). Lindsey and Austein are from Nevada, US.


Polly making a statement..


View of the camp.


This parrot is a wild one.



The family goes home after finished duty at the camp.


View over the fields were there earlier had been grown coca. Later they tried coffee, but the soil or the climate or both was not the right. The governement therefor pays the people not to grow coca. And now their most important income is from tourism. Some of the indigenious peopel now are guides. But for some years there was much poverty.


At one of the resting places, after some refreshing fruit.


The first place were we took a bath we found one or two like this....



Well done my dear! Cheers!