Curacao, December 2014 - 1

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View from the hotel balcony. Lions dive resort, Curacao.


This family of iguanas live here at the hotel..


Christmas is comming up in a few weeks, and lights are everyere. This from Hemmingway restaurant at Lions resort. A little bit different from back home.


These are two adventurous Germans we met. Among other things, they had gone by car through the Algerian desert and many countries in Africa. And they had done it on their own, just the two of them. Bernard and Susanne are the kind of interesting people you meet from time to time.



This is the floating bridge that connect Punda and Otrobanda, the two parts of Willemstad. It is like many boats connected to each other. To open the bridge, they run a device similiar to an outboard. There is one on each side, so when they close the bridge, they just run the engine on the other side. If a tanker is passing, they have to swing the bridge all the way to the other side. Then they run two ferries instead. The trip is for free. The same happens if the weather is bad.

The bridge is just for pedestrians. For cars there is a high bridge.

Next Monday we hope the time has come that they open the Qween Emma Bridge for us.


Otrobanda viewed from Punda. Unmistakenly Dutch architecture.


Bjørn is very pleased after the fish meal at Jaanich's.


Eva and Janich, the owner. He is third generation. His grand mother came from Bonaire, the nearby island, to work as a housemade and did not catch the boat home...



As you can see behind Bjørn and Jaanich, there is a collection of very many items all around in the restaurant.


Another sunset.


Bjørn at the beach resturant.