Santa Marta, Colombia, December 2014 - 2

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Santa Marta is the oldest city in South America that is still inhabited. And the cathedral in Santa Marta is the oldest cathedral in this America.


Santa looking over the square in front of the cathedral.


Christmas is comming up in a few days when we visit the cathedral. Lots of fresh white flowers in front of the altar.


The front in the afternoon sun.



There is a short seaside promenade with a lot of life. Sadly enough have the few multistories buildings in Santa Marta (in the background) been built to close to the shore. What a vaste from a city planner's point of view!


We made a hiking from Ca˝averal to Cabo San Juan and back. The walk one way was three hours, but as we wanted to be sure to return before dark, we made the trip back in two hours. Up and down - we got tired.


Bj°rn learnt that it is important to carry a copy of the passprt. Beeing more the sixty years old, he should not pay for the entrance. But without the copy at hand, he had to pay COP 36.000, like Eva.


One of the viewpoints along the track


One of the beaches. Not one where you swim. More than hundred people have drowned here.



These trees and their roots are huge..


Almost like a rain forrest.


A small lagoon.


Another lagoon, called La Piscina.


A different view.


At last at Cabo San Juan we had some food. Seven hours had passed since breakfast, so we felt almost like starving.


"Tatt av vinden" is ready for the Christmas celebration.


Christmas is also the fiesta for the turning of the sun - at least in the northern parts of the globe. In Santa Marta we had the hottest day so far. We had 35 degrees inside the boat and 37 in the shadow in the cocpit!


New friends from Germany, Christa and Udo, on the boat "Caroona". Here in the cockpit in "Tatt av vinden" on Christmas eve.


Silvia is from Switzerland. She is our nearest nabour in the marina, on the boat "Queen Nadine". She bakes excellent swiss bread.


Christmas vorspiel in "Tatt av vinden".


Feliz Navidad!