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The Atantic crossing and Rodney Bay






Eva and Bjørn - sun downer at sea. Don't be fooled by Eva's eyes. She is in reality quite focused in this moment.


Lars and Bjørn - another sun downer. Still nice weather and no strong wind.


Eva joins in.



Sunrize at sea.


For a while we could sail like this. Pretty simple and efficient.


The moon comes up. This is some few nights before we reached St. Lucia. The moon was nearly full, and came up just before sunset.


At the finishing line in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia. (Photo by Tim Wright.)


And the morning came. This time in St.Lucia. Breakfast in the cockpit.


The first beer in Caribbean. Bjørn and Lars have a "Piton" at the lunch restaurant. The "Piton" was accompanied by a big cheese burger. Especially Lars had been fantasising of this burger for days out at sea. (Though he praised Eva's cooking too.)


Socialising with Geir Magne and Tonje from "Shekina" of Stavanger. "Shekina" won their class and came in 4 over all. And they sailed in the cruising class! (Their boat is a Discovery 55.) Here in the cockpit of "Tatt av vinden".


Bjørn and Erling from "Saphir". Erling are gonna do the World arc. He also did quite well over the Atlantic. Here in the cockpit of "Tatt av vinden".


The crew of "Tatt av vinden" shortens the time at the bar while waiting for a table in the restaurant.


Maria and Steve (from Colorado) on their boat, "Aspen". They have in this moment completed their 4 year circumnavigation. Maria told us that this Atlantic crossing was the worst crossing they had done in the four years! And they have sailed the Pacific, the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranian.

(What Maria said, is a comfort for us who only can compare with two earlier Atlantic crossings, and think this year's crossing was far from normal. Only a few days between the Azores and Cherbourgh in 2009 did we have anything like it before. This year we had 30 - 35 knots wind for one whole week, which may be tolerable, but we also had the waves comming in from two or three sides all the time, and the waves were rocking us around quite heavily.)