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Rodney Bay






David was the captain of British "Gozwoz". Here he is in the cockpit of "Tatt av vinden". David was a brilliant net controller on the SSB net. I think we talked to him every day on the radio. It was nice to see the face behind the voice. He was just the kind of man you like to sit down and have a beer with.


Lars at the sushi restaurant. Expectations show in his eyes.


Eva just came in from the rain. The showers come very quickly, and they usually come with torrential rain, and you are not alwas able to get away from it before it hits. This time we escaped into the sushi restaurant after a wet run.


Lars seems happy to have made refuge into the sushi restaurant. They really served lovely food there. The best food in the marina.


We try to make it look like Christmas in the saloon. We try to do some of what we are used to do on the day before Christmas eve. But the Norwegian broadcasting only can broadcast a few of their tv shows to abroad, and of course not our favorite programs, so we went to the bar insted.


Slightly more successfull Christmas dressing in the cockpit.


When the light inside is lit, this is almost like Cristmas. But we did not find a tiny X-mas tree. The supermarket was all sold out.


We must admit that even if this is nice it is far from a white Christmas. Just the longing for our nearest is the same where ever we are.


Eva prepares dinner in the gally in "Tatt av vinden" on the 23rd of December 2013.