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Rodney Bay Christmas 2013






We did some last shopping in the nearby mall on X-mas eve, and we had the time for a coffé


Bjørn tested the ice cream too, and it was just delicious.


We had time for a Christmas bath, and here Eva jumps in from the dingy.



Eva loves the Christmas bath.


No, sorry, Eva, this is not the way to enter the dingy from the sea.


Bjørn thrives too. Making ready to show Eva the entering technic. (As we are back to tell the story, he must have succeded.)


Having a glass of white wine at the bar qualifies as part of the preparations.


We were surprised by a visit of these two representatives of Santa Claus (from "Saphir"). They gave us a bottle of "Linie Aquavit".


Happy about the gift. Aquavit is a tradition on Christmas eve.


The table has been laid.


We celebrated with Steve and Maria from "Aspen". Here in the saloon of "Tatt av vinden". Maria gets a gift from the local Santa reprecentative.


Santa also had something for Bjørn.