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Rodney Bay close to the end of 2013 - 1






Eva ready for her morning jogging. Just need the iPod to play the right music first.


Eva took the time to document local housing style. Why start with the ground floor if you can start with the first floor? These men said that this is the best built house in the nabourhood!


Another example. It is very practical actually. Just think about the heavy rains. And even in the dry season (the winter - now) there are frequent showers, and when you build like this, you may dry your laundry under the house...


Some have bigger resources (and ambitions) than others.



Another example from a local rich area.


Of course we are aware that compared to the average people in St. Lucia we, ourselves are in the privileged leag. This is our home, "Tatt av vinden", a nice afternoon in St.Lucia.


Work to do. Here is Alwin, a great mechanic, who repared our gear box. Bjørn is the onlooker. So now the transmission is ok, and hopefully will last another five years - at least.


Eva wonders whether we ever will finish the work on the boat. Bjørn has started the pulling of the cables for the new chartplotter and the radar.



People who rent a car here, get a reminder...


This is one of the local laundries. They doubled with filling campingaz.


This is Jannick from "Mary" with his two sons. Jannick and Mailin told us that the boys adapted well to the sea during the crossing. Better than the grownups.


Here is Mogens, a friend of Jannick and Mailin. Bjørn to the left. The picture is taken in the cockpit of "Tatt av vinden".


  Santa Claus' representative says, "2013 is about to come to an end."


Santa Claus' representative says, "Let us be ready for 2014."