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Rodney Bay close to the end of 2013 - 2






Bjørn has started the unpacking of all the new items, and is studying the new multifunctional display (chartplotter).


Bjørn looks so happy down in the locker so he must have got one of the cables through.


Eva concentrating on sowing some necessary stiches in the spray hood.


Bjørn smiles, but that is only because he still does not know the trouble we had to get the new cable in the mast.

Alwin passed by, and when Bjørn said there was only one cable left to pull, Alwin was not comforting, he cited a local saying: "It is the last one that kills the mother."...

But we won in the end.



Ok, just connecting it all together and tiding up a little, and we will be there...

Before we started Bjørn estimated two days for the installation. After five days it was all put toghether. A little better than the normal. Normally his estimates for necessary time has to be multiplied by a factor of three.


Just checking if the lipstick is there (or maybe the camera?) - it's New  Year's eve. We have a capucino before entering the restaurant for dinner. At this time we have called home to our children and wished them Happy New Year. They experienced the start of 2014 five hours before us.


Bjørn is very pleased after the fish meal.


... and so is Eva. Ready to walk to the beach to watch the fireworks.



...and here Eva enjoys the beach.


... and we enjoyed it together.


We were outside the "Spinnaker's". When we tried to reserve a table on this beach resturant some days before New Year's Eve, it was fully booked. But the sushi restaurant in the marina was probably just as good, and we experienced the local hot life when we walked around the bay to the beach outside Spinnaker's. If we had been to Spinnaker's the whole night we would have missed most of the local  life.


The last hour of the old year we were not alone at the beach!

One thing that really impressed us, was that no firework was fired before twelve aclock! Then, on the second, it exploded in the sky. We took our rum punch and said happy New Year to each other.

We were also impressed by all the very different (and most of them very stylish) outfits of the women. And very few of the local people were as drunk as many of the tourists...

It was easier for us to get the feeling of New Year than of Christmas.