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We are approaching Nevis, and Bjørn makes the courtysy flag ready. Nevis got its name by Columbus. Nevis is from Spanish and means snow. It was the white clouds that inspired Colombus to this otherwise misleading name. Or maybe he really was wrong and believed it was snow? After all, he also believed that he was in India...


Immigration. Frendly, but buerocratic - as on all the islands, except for the French ones.


Charlestown is the capital of Nevis. Nevis has a population of about 10.000 and is in federation with St. Kitts, with its ome 35.000. Many people in Nevis wish for independence...

There are many well renovated buildings in Charlestown. Here Eva is in front of the Police station.



Another example of the arcitecture in Charlestown.



The people of Nevis are relaxed, friendly and sweet.

  The cental square in Charlestown.

  Sunday life on the beach.

  Bjørn wanders what may be at the end of the rainbow.


We went to explore, and this is what we found.



Sunshine is the best beach bar in Nevis. It has its name after the owner, who is seen far right in the picture.


View from the beach bar. "Tatt av vinden" is out in the bay, but further to the left of the picture.