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Exploring Nevis






We went to the botanical garden. To our surprise it was Asian. It is privat property and its founder is an archeologist. is collection, probably Thai, is all around the garden.


From the botanical garden.


Another day we went for a hiking tour in the rain forest. This shows the weather when we started

  The monkeys were part of the attraction.

  It really rained now and then in the rain forest, even if February is in the dry season.


It was a nice walk, somewhere it was steep.



This was were we had our well deserved lunch. Beautifully restored plantation buildings, Golden Rock


Another tour was to Crishi beach. he reason for the Norwegian flag is that the restaurant and is owned and run by a Norwegian family.

We tried to walk there, but for once it was not 45 minutes as we were told, but closer to the double, and we had to walk along the main road, which had heavy traffic.


The food in their restaurant was good. Recomendable.