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St. Kitts






We chose to go by the ferry to St. Kitts, because ther were no room in the marina.



Basseterre is the capital of St. Kitts. This is a typical street view. It is renowned for nice architecture.



A copy of Picadilly Circus.


A 400 year old tree in a nice garden surroundig a factory and outlet for batique.


Bjørn and the Atlantic Ocean to the left. Eva and the Caribbean sea to the right.


This grand old lady sold vey good vegetables. We bought some tomatos. Good tomatos are rare in the islands.


Waiting for the ferry.


These men shortens the time playing domino on the ferry.


Bjørn and Eva on the ferry - actually another ferry, but the same trip.



After visiting St. Kitts we enjoy the time just after sunset in the cockpit in "Tatt av vinden".


Bjørn on the other side.