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Panama 2017 - 2




Days in Guna Yala (San Blas)


Just before we left Shelter Bay we met Karl Otto and Maren on "Cubaneren" from Norway. See their blog in our list over Cruisers we met.


Our first anchorage in Guna Yala was East Hollandes Cays, just outside Tiadup (the island behind).


Here is one of the winter residents for a Guna family - on Tiadup..


Another settlement on Tiadup.



This man was very happy to get our old genoa. Here he is paddling away with it in his dugout canoe.


In Nargana we wisited the home of a local artist. He is both in the photo up to the right and in the painting on the wall.


Playing boys in Nargana.


In Nargna we bought gasoline for our dinghy. The careful vendor fitered the gasoline through an old t-shirt. Our Suzuki runs perfectly.


This little girl melted our hearts.


Local fruit and vegetables market.


Girls on the bridge (paraphrase Munch).


Bjørn enjoys the beach on Green island (Kanlildup).