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Rodney Bay farewell and Martinique






We had to replace the old analog radar, and we did not want to carry it. (The boat is quite filled up...) Then we met "Ingrid" of Oslo. They had a multifunctional display that could show the signals from the radar, and we happily gave the old radar away. The captain of "Ingrid" was also happy. (But of course he has not started to pull the cables yet!)


Erling and Gro in "Saphir" are ready for their great adventure, they shall go with the World ARC January 12th.


These two are in the middle of their adventure. Ready to leave Rodney Bay.


Climbing the dock in Grand Anse d'Arlet in Martinique. We cleared in in Le Marin, and did provisoning there, but no pictures... But Grand Anse is a much nicer place.



Bjørn looks a bit skeptical to the icecream.


OK - white wine was more like it.



Martinique was not only sunshine.



But after the rain come the rainbow and the sun.


Bjørn is happy to leave the rain behind.