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Roseau, Dominica






We have taken a mooring in Roseau, and Bjørn makes the dinghy ready.


We were pleased to be told that Dominica was a little more developed now han 5 years ago, and this picture illustrates part of it. And it was probably a truth about the area around Roseau, wich is the capital of Dominica.


Bjørn is still preparing the dinghy. Takes time...


Well everything is not developed. This is the area below the richer houses.



Shall we relax with another sundowner, Eva?


The next day we had to go to the costoums to clear in. But when a large cruise ship has arrived, the officers are out, and the captain of a small vessel has to wait.

While waiting, we visited the local market for tourists. When we told the sales people that we were sailors, not Amercan cruise tourists, the prices went down 30 per cent, a better point to start the haggeling.


In most islands there is quite some buerocarcy. Here Bjørn is filling out the necessary forms. This picture is taken at the costoums office in Roseau.


View from the costoums office: The local fishing fleet in day time..



View from the local bar. Our beloved Caribe dinghy at the dock.