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Prince Rupert's Bay - Portsmouth, Dominica






Welcome to Portsmouth! (Local cock in the street). Portsmouth was hardly more developed than five years ago. But the people are quite friendly, and our local boat boy, Martin, with his boat "Providence", was very helpfull, and promoted the island. We did not have more then three days this time, so we did no hiking tours, but hiking is great in Dominica, among the best in this part of Caribbean.


Even in Prince Rupert's bay there is a cruise ship dock. Few criuse ships arrive here, but here is a small one in front of the old fort.


Dream catcher 1.


Dream catcher 2.



Dreamcatcher 3..


Portrait of man and bar 1.


Portrait of man with coffe and cookie.


Potrait of couple in bar.



View from the bar. "Tatt av vinden" almost in the middle.


Portrait of woman and bar.


Portrait of man and bar 2.