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English Harbour and Jolly Harbour






Bjørn, Daniel and Maria in Nelson's Dockyard in English harbour.


This is where those who have rowed the Atlantic come in. The two in this boat came a week ahead of the next one (who had not yet arrived when the picture was taken). Their crossing was record breaking, 45 days!


Dinner in the nabouring bay, Falmouth Harbour. English Harbour and Falmouth harbour host many unbelieveingly large sail boats, belonging to the rich people. Some of them may be seen in the background.


Birdwatching back in Jolly Harbour.





There was pretty good steelband music that day. (The night before was karaoke night - not so charming...)



Maria with her iPhone, Daniel with his Mac. Keeping in touch...

  Eva looking at the birds over her strawberry drink.

  Bjørn and Maria at the local bar.


Maria and Daniel do the dishes in "Tatt av vinden".