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Cartagena January 2015 (2)




Three days trip to Cartagena de Indias.

  Street view from the historic center in Cartagena. Someone is offering their art in the street.


Eva looking for some souvenirs.


We have reached the Lost City. It was actually not so hard to walk the 1200 stairs. Here we are with Isabel from Colombia. She was one of the few Colombians who came there.


Eva in front of Pegasus. This is where we entered Getsemanee.


Walking through Getsemanee and crossing a bridge we arrived at this fort.


View of the more modern part of Cartagena. Seen from the fort.


The same as above.



Eva showing the Colombian flag.


Street life in Getsemanee.


As above.


Fruit vendors in the streets of a more modern part of the city.


We had a flat tire on our bus back home.


Well, actually the bus broke down in the incident, and we had to go home to Santa Marta in a different bus.