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Kuna Yala (San Blas) January 2015 (1)




Farewell Santa Marta - Welcome Kuna Yala! (East Holandes Cays

and Coco Bandera Cays).


Before we left Santa Marta we decided to sell our folding bicycles. Kevin from Switzerland bought one of them. Actually it was a pargain, he paid only 20 US. And they were in good shape after ten years. Kevin was an interesting man. He had been away from Switzerland for 5 years and made a living from playing in the streets, making hats (see the picture) and other things. His boat had he accuired for free from a man he had sailed with, and who had to go home to Europe for Family business.

  "Tatt av vinden" at the pier in Santa Marta. The weather window came after four weeks, and on this day before we left there was a total calm in the marina. Some change from 40 - 45 knots!


Welcome to Kuna Yala. Kuna Yala is the indigenious name for San Blas, and they prefere that we use that name. The view is from "Tatt av vinden" just after anchoring in East Holandes Cays.


Exploring one of the islands for the first time..


"Tatt av vinden" at anchor.



This island we could walk all the way round - and we did it.


Yippie, we are in paradise!


Jeff and Cathy from "Mezzaluna" (US) and Sheryl from "Emma Luise" (UK) in the cockpit in "Tatt av vinden". The three boats left Santa Marta the same morning and we kept radiocontact with "Mezzaluna" during the two days crossing.


Soem of the first Kunas we met in their Dugout cano.



We were welcome on the nabour island, and we were met by these young guides. They walked us all around the island.


Living quarters.


More from the living quarters.


They loved that we took their photo. Here in the se with all their cloths on.


No question the one in the middle was the leader. In the beginning there were also two boys, but only the girls led us round the island.



  The Kuna is a matriarcal society, and that shows in the girl to the right!

Albinos are common among the Kunas, according to the book and the Kunas have a tradition for taking well care of them.


Another living quarter.


The children on one of the beaches. (Bjørn is making a video clip.)


From one of the canos we bought lobster.


We ust felt that we had to make a selfie...


Over at Coco Bandera Cays. Lovely place, but it war a bit rolly, and we stayed only one night. On the small island in front of the boat (we walked raound it a couple of times.) we met a Young Dutch couple. They were on a charterboat (sailboat). They had decided to go home to Holland to learn sailing.


Exploring the next island (Green island). Eva looks for a bird that made an unknown sound.