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Kuna Yala (San Blas) January 2015 (2)




Kanlildup (Green island)


Molas is the theme here. This Kuna woman came to our boat and convinced us to buy. (Green island).


In the barrels they have the molas.


They also sail these boats (cayuko). How they balance them you may wander!


Walking around (Kanlildup (Green island) we met another vendor of molas, and we bought another. The photo is not cheating, Eva (173) is that much higher.



We met the Kuna woman who came to our boat on the same walk on (around) the island. She sat here and worked on a mola.


Eva on Kanlildup.


There are lots of these sea stars here. They are about 25 cm wide, and Eva think the look like vaffel cake. Bjørn think that it is easier to associate them with Christmas Pepper Men.


"Tatt av vinden at Kanlildup anchorage.