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Kuna Yala (San Blas) January 2015 (3)




Kuna Yala - (Green island, Nargana/Corazon de Jesus and Rio Diabolo).


The anchorage behind Kanlildup was well protected, and as other places inhabited by pelicans.


Ecotourism on Kanlildup. See the tents in the background.


It is so nice to swim in clear water just out of the boat.


We have moved to Nargana. The plan was to meet Maria and Robert here, but all flights were busy, so it had to be Porvenir in stead.

We had time to explore before going to Porvenir.


There were some few shops in Nargana, and this one even had fruit and vegetables.


Looking from Nargana over to Corazon de Jesus. The two islands are connected by a bridge. In these two islands the Kunas have given up their traditional lifestyle.


Corazon de Jesus seen from the bridge.


The houses do not look very different from other villages in the area.


...but the streets are well regulated.


The office for the airport on the nearby island. They could not answer wether there were seats avilable...



The Rio Diabolo is perhabs the gratest attraction in this anchorage. Just two minutes by dinghy from Nargana, but then we went slowly up the river for more than half an hour.


Birdlife was plentyful.


We towed these Kunas up the river for a while.


It is really a jungle.



We have come so far up the river that the water is pretty clean, and the Kunas wash their cloths here.


Giant bamboo.


Sometimes it is better to get in and push the boat - to have full control when you meet another boat.


Downstream we tried to row or just drift, but we had gone too far up, so we had to motor after a while to get back to "Tatt av vinden" before dark..


Try to imagine tha sonds of lots of birds and some monkeys (which we tid not see, just heared.).


This Kuna family had been up where the water is clean and bathed, washed theselves and their clothes.