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Kuna Yala (San Blas) January 2015 (4)




Kuna Yala (Porvenir, Salardup, Wichubwala).


Here (Porvenir) we cleared into Panama. The costoms officer said with a smile that we had spent a long time sailing from Santa Marta, and to be honest we had made a few stops on our way, still showing the yellow flag.

This Kuna operated office requires 100 US per person (plus overtime fee) to stamp the passport. Maybe not in line with international agreements? Other places in Panama Europeans do not pay. In addition the cruising permit costs US 193, so this is an expensive country - especially now that the dollar is so strong.

The Kunas also shall have their fees, 10 US for the boat, 10US per person. And of course we buy more molas than we need - just to support them.

In Porvenir we also met Maria and Robert.


We anchored at Salardup and went by dinghy over to the nearby island Achudup. There we were met by this 92 year old man who showed us the island. Here he is on a pile of coconuts, the old money system among the Kunas.


Back on Green island. This is one ov the very few island that you may walk the whole way round on the beach..


The beach - Green Island (Kanlildup).


Bjørn studies one of the cayukos.


Maria and Robert have bought fish. No change, so they had to buy four fishes for 20 dollars.


Robert has taken out the filets from the fish.


Deserving a glas of cold white wine at sunset.


We are at Wischubwala. Here Maria in the village looking at the banas.


Wall painting in Wichubwala. (Close to Porvenir.)



The church in the village is a modest one...


Street view from the village.


The luggage has to be weighed before the get on the plane n Porvenir.


The airplane has just landed on the Porvenir runway.



Loading the luggage.