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Portobelo and sailing to Colon - January 2015 (4)






When Maria and Robert had left at Porvenir, we set sail for Colon. We did only daysailing, and the first leg was to Isla Linton. From Isla Linton to Portobelo the next day was only 10 nm, so we had time to visit the old town. Here we met a lot of school children visisting this museum.


This Black Jesus of Portobelo is famous. It is said that it has performed miracles. That kind of roumers is worth a lot of money when the pilrims come once a year.


Eva at one of the two forts that guarded the city. In the years the Spanis ruled here, a lot of gold was shipped out, and a lot was raided by pirates.


Bjørn looking over the bay, to the other fort.


A glass of red wine for the last night at anchor this season.


Eva joins in.


We are getting closer to the Panma Canal. This ship turned around and was on a perfect colission course of "Tatt av vinden". A vhf cll to the ship cleared the situation, and the answer was that "Halcyon 1" would hold it's position while we passed.


Every little triangle represents a ship. Fortunately (for us) but three of them are at anchor. The triangle pointing down represent one of the three, and again colission course.


The same ship, but ist slowed down and let us in behind the breakwater first. There we met the third ship, on its way out. Almost in the entrence. It was close, but at that time we were in full control, and we were cleared for entrence and continuing to Shelter bay marina by Cristobal signal station. (Cristobal is the harbour town of Colon.)