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Panama 2017




Days in Shelter Bay and San Lorenzo national park


Eva surprises Bjørn with cake on his birthday - 71 years.


Hauling monkeys - mom and kid.


A larger part of the family.


We walked the 20 km roundtrip to the Fort San Lorenzo and the beach of Rio Chagres. A nice walk and a nice place. The fort is actually a world heritage site.



Watching the mouth of Rio Chagres. The fort was originally built by the Spanish, but later restored by the pirate captian Morgan.


Looking over Rio Chagres


Behind Bjørn are two military guys. Theis was a Sunday, and many soldiers were out to make the place and the road safe, or maybe they just liked to be out?


Hauling monkey in the San Lorenzo national park.


Road to former American military quarters for the officers and their families. A palm alley.


San Lorenzo national park is great for bird watching.


Bird watcher on a early morning walk in the jungle.