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The first legs after Gothenburg





The feeling of summer in Kattegat...


Eva's "I-was-there-picture" from Anholt


Bjørn in the Marina at Anholt


Eva loves walking the island


Bjørn seems happy with the sails


The Store Bælt bridge.


The approach ti Kiel. Summer is visiting us for a couple of days.


Old and new in the Kiel kanal (Nord-Ostseekanal is teh official name for the canal). The old one (to the left) is from the fifites - actualy a museum boat today. It is probably seldom seen out of harbour. A nice piece, but no efficiency compared to the more modern cargo ship it passes here.


These are two nice fellows who knew the canal, and they guided us for most of the way.


At the yacht club in Cuxhaven. The food was good, but the dervice was slow...


Wi-fi in the marina in Cuxhaven means that we can send our e-mails without using the


Eva on the North Sea eagerly explaining something to the captain.


For full sails on our way to Scheweningen


Cargo at the port of Zeebrugge. We stayed in the marina, wich is a good one. We found a nice restaurant with excellent food. We stayed for two nights, and the day between we went by train to Brugge. Brugge is an attractive old city.


Even if Bjørn is no beer drinker, he has to try a dark one in Brugge. Belgian beer is good.