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We are in Honfleur. It is the 14th July and luckyly we berthed at the ponton outside the marina.


Bjørn at le Vieux Bassin. Summer at last.


Le Vieux Bassin at 14th July. The French celebrate their Bastille day in summer weather.


The trick is to walk or run on the pole so that you can catch le Tricolor at the far end. The pole has been greased. Probably around fifty men tried before one grabbed the flag. All the peioble who had gothered sitting and standig around the bassin for a long time started to move around again.


This man tried to walk the pole. Here he is on his way down into the sea.


People watcing the games.


Fireworks in the night is the final part of the official celebation.


Palms in the sky.


This is not le Bastille...


The sky exploded at midnight