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La Coruña






Full moon over Marina Coruña


There was a medieval fiesta with markets all over the old town. The streets were crowded with people. It made a very attractive atmospere.


Medieval barbercue


Bjørn is testing the barbercue


There were a lot of things to buy, and we bought some nice batikk from Mosambique. And of course som inexpensive jewlery.


The iPad lets Eva read "Aftenposten" in the saloon of "Tatt av vinden". But Bjørn thinks that the newspaper should have been on Kindle too.


The celts came to Europe about 3000 years down in history and dominated much of this part of the world. When the romans, around the time when Christ was born, took over and ruled most of southern Europe, many celts accepted the status as Roman colony, but some fled to the ouskirts of the continent. Among the places they settled was Calicia. Some also found there way over to Ireland, also Wales and Scotland. Consequently the music of Galilcia and the music of Ireland are connected, and the bagpipes in the picture are Galician.


In the central square of the medieval fiesta there was music and lots of small shops for food. We had a good Turkish kebab and sat down on a Turkish café.