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Santiago di Compostela and Madrid





The day we first wanted to go to Santiago de Compostela was the St. Jacobs day. This is close to a national day in Galicia. But the night before happened the horrible train accident. We found that it was perhaps not the right time to go there, so we postponed our trip for a couple of days.

What this clergy man is thinking about, we don't know, but from the face it looks like he either think about the sins of the world or he is out of funds for the cathedral...


At leas he has a wonderful garden to recide in.


Modern pilgrims are gathering in front of the cathedral.


Nice piece of work. There are lots of magnificent details on this wall.


The cathedral is beautiful, but probably those who visit it during a mass feels more of it's spiritual dimension. Seeing churches with hords of other turists is never the same.


A lovely old town it was.


The summer weather was fine in Madrid. Not too hot. We had a glass of sangria on Plaza Mayor and enjoyed the life on this fantastic square.


This goat was very popular with the kids. The person inside was very vivid - for hours, and we wandred where it found the necessary energy.


Nice ghost to the left....