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Tahiti (5)


One of our stops when we drove around the island brought us to this waterfall.


Pretty high and impressive.




Bjorn has a cappuccino at Retro - the nearest restaurant to the marina and with acceptable wi-fi.



Anne Sofie chose a glass of red wine..


Sunday morning at 4:30 am we visited the market. A lot of people did the same. The Sunday morning market is a tradition and well worth the experience. Here Bjørn buys some pastry. Everything was fresh and good.


Taro roots are in widely use, but we have not tried it. 2000 F (XPF) is about 180 NOK.


We also bought bananas.


Here we buy some smoked chicken.


View of the market from the first floor.


Obscuring the view?. Depends on who you ask.


On our hike to Belvedere. Tahiti we saw this car. A falling tree had obviously hit the car in a storm, and the log to the left is from the tree. Hopefully no one was in the car when it happened.


A spider's net at Belvedere, just after the rain..


View of Papeete from Belvedere. The marina in the middle of the picture.



Bjørn and some impressive trees in the rain forest on our way to Belvedere. Belvedere is at the altitude of 600 m. The walking took its toll


On our way down we met these two cocks. Here they look into each others eyes.


... and here they fight. And one of them won, but at that time they had continued into the bushes.


This boat is the toy of Tom Cruise. It is called "Suri".