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Tahiti (6) - Street art in Papeete (a)


Street art or grafitti is a big thing in Papeete. Each year, for several years, there has been a festival in the town, and world famous artists participates.

We have many pictures in the streets of Papeete, and we are happy to present some of them. Most of the pictures are shot while walking around, some are shot in the Street art museum, a nice little museum worth a visit. It is in Rue de Jeanne d'Arc, just a few meters up from the marina.




Take notice of the shadow.


Mixed with commercial annoncement. I am not sure that the artist had that in mind.





All these pictures with horisontal stripes are painted on the same type of background. As in many cities metal gates are pulled before the windows when the shop closes. The cates are flexible that is the reason for the stripes. - Much better than dirty gray metal.








The left part of the picture.


The right half of the same.