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South Pacific




Fakarava - Tuamotus (1) - South pass


This welcome to Fakarava was not meant for us, but who cares? On the anchorage was the passenger ship "National Geographic Orion".


We left "Tatt av vinden" at a mooring outside Rotoava village in the north east  and went by car and speed boat to the South pass (Tumakoahua pass) to snorkel and dive. We had booked two nights at Tetamanu Village Resort, and this is our bungalow. Charming, but the quality lagged a little behind what you could wish. Even so we were quite happy.


One of the service buildings in the hotel campus..



View to the south, in the pass, from the restaurant. To the right is the diving shop.


The restaurant. The food was very good.


Looking out from the restaurant this is what we saw. They are all black tip reef sharks.


Eva in front of the diving shop, making ready for snorkeling.


This is a parrot fish.


The same parrot fish from another angle.


This one is a napoleon.


We do not know the fish, but we see that the corals are very healthy.


Another one that we would have liked to know.


Black tip reef shark between 1,5 and 2 m long.


Hiding among beautiful corals.


This was the sea life under the restaurant.