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South Pacific




Fakarava - Tuamotus (2) - South pass


Fresh and beautiful corals. And a trumpet fish.


Another one unknown to us.


This school of fish stayed in this v- formation in the same place when ever we snorkeled.




Bjørn dived down to take a closer look at these white ones.


More beautiful and healthy corals.


Black tip reef shark.


Another napoleon fish.


The sharks swam around our legs  when we stood in the shallow waters.


They are beautiful, and after a while we trusted that they were not dangerous to people. At least not in the day time.


Anne Sofie snorkeling with GoPro..


Bjørn had to free dive under these scuba divers just to try to reach down some few meters more.


The fishes have beautiful colours, but we do not know what they are.


We never got tired of taking pictures of the beautiful environment we were snorkeling in.


Chasing each other?



A white tip shark a few meters below Bjørn.


Closing in on the fishes at the bottom during a free dive.


Once more swimming against the current before they are drifting slowly back.


On a walk in the village close to the hotel complex we met this pig and this dog who were good friends.


The village had very few inhabitants, but they had a church. Notice the beautifully carved  wooden furniture.



This is the anchorage at the South pass seen from our bungalow.