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South Pacific






We attended the official celebration of French Polynesia's autonomy day (29. June). Here one of the drummers.


Several island groups were represented. these are from Maquesas.


The picture seaks for itself. He was the leader of the Marquesan troup.


These colourful ladys sang for us.



Dance from Tahiti. Just like in the tourist brochures.


The woman in the middle was way better than all the others (who also were good). Her hip shaking was unbelievable.


Women from Tahiti.


Testorterone from Marquesas.


And the vahines - also from Marquesas. For most sailors the Marquesas evokes a  special feeling, because the island group is the firs you arrive at after 3000 nm and three weeks at sea. But we were not me by these women in Fatu Hiva...


Gifts for the VIPs. By the way, we had a free seating just behind the VIPs.




Miss Tahiti and miss Heiva (in white dress and red flowers in her hair). Heiva is the big festival that lasts this year form 4. July until 21. July.


Street art is a big thing in Papeete.


This tower is at point Venus. The name is to remember that captain Cook came here in seventeen hundred and something to observe Venus passing before the sun. The plan was to do the observations in three different places in the world.

The tower was constructed by the father of Robert Louis Stevenson.