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South Pacific




Fatu Hiva - Marquesas (1)


View from the anchorage. There are many stone sculptures made by nature.


White wine at the anchorage after three weeks at sea..


Tunas - fresh from the sea.



The crews of "C'est ci bon", "Kea" and "Tatt av vinden". All ar Norwegina boats in Hanavave. 1. mate of "Tatt av vinden" is behind the camera.


Anne Sofie is looking for souvenirs.


View of the bay from the land side.


Well dressed for church.


Christian service in Polynesia. We did not understand the words, but their song was amasing. Our qualified guess is that one third of the population in Hanavave Village attended.


After church.


Poi takes us by his boat from Hanavave to Omoa. A distance of about 3 nautical miles.


A hole in the coastline.


 We walked back. 17 km and up to 700 meters above sea level.


View of Hanavave Bay from above.


The decent was very steep - but cars passed us sometimes.


More sculptures from thenature.