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South Pacific




Nuku Hiva - Marquesas


The dinghy dock in Taiuhae is normally  crowded. Ther are about 50 saiboats in the anchorage, but the bay is big.


View of the anchorage in Taiuhae.


Eva did not like the baguette quite well - and neither did the horse....



This is a model of the seagoing canoes that it is supposed that the Polynesians navigated and sailed to all the islands in the Polynesian triangle, between Easter island, Hawaii and New Zealand. I hav been told that nobody knows how big the canoes were. But their navigating skills was excellent, without the compass adn without the sextant, and without...


One of the many tikis in Taiuhane..


We tried riding on horse back. For Eva and Bjørn it was the first time in life. An exciting experience..


Norwegians and three Swedes start the celebration of the Norwegian national day..


Eva and Anne Sofie dressed up for the dinner party at the national day.


The children from Kea and C'est si bon performed "Enig og tro til Dovre faller", a self correografed version of the play known from the Norwegian broadcasting..


Water and some food after a hot hike to another beach..


A tiki in the park. Does it look a little like the scupltures on Easter island?


 All ready for the the horse riding. Between Anne Sofie and Bjørn are Anne Kristin and Atle who sail the Norwegian boat "Jovial".


Same place, Anne Kristin behind the camera and Eva in focus with the rest of us.


The horses are happy to get rid of the saddles and roll around in the grass. Probably the carpets were itcing.


Notre Dame de Nuku Hiva Whitsunday morning. The church is big, but it was quite full. Very different from the service we attended in Hanavave in Fatu Hiva. But the song was nice here in Taiohae too.