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Ua Pou - Marquesas (1)


We are Approaching Hakahetau village on the west coast of Ua Pou.


The captain on the village quay..


Just a small village, but a beautiful catholic church.



... and a protestant church as well.


We hiked to this beautiful waterfall (la cascade). Just 1,5 km.


"Are we going for a swim?"


And swim we did. Nice fresh water, and we swam all the way (just a few meters) into the falling water.


After bath. Eva eats some peanuts.


This is said to be the most photographed motive in the Marquesas.


Copra production seemed to be small scale in this village..


After the bath in the cascade, we walked another kilometer and a half to come to "The Chocolate Man". A German named Manfred.


Notice the pan to the right. It is used as a gongong. And to avoid the barking dog, you had to use it to call Manfred.


Manfred is quite a caracter. He has been living in Ua Pou for 23 years, and grows  and produces his own chocolate. We bought some. Pricy, but exotic and it was good.


Manfred's house..


Manfred told us more than ones that he loves women.


He even had hs own little pool.