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South America - Rio de Janeiro






During the carneval, for five days, Rio de Janeiro was just parties. All shops were closed, and people partied in the street and on the beaches. This is from Flamenco beach.


This picture is taken not far from the central business district  at one aclock in the afternoon.


Back on Flamenco beach these two begged to be photographed.


Later on the party gained more momentum.


We felt that we were the only ones passed fifty on Flamenco beach this evening. Except for the band. The band was our age! You cannot see the band, but they are playing just hidden back the leaves.


But the most spectacular event was the main parade in the Sambodromo. Ten samba schools made a fantastic show. It started at 9 pm, and lasted probably till 6 am next morning. We left when six samba schools had made the parade, and at that time it was 4 am.

We had bought tickets on the internet a month before, payed a lot, but it was worth every (Brazilian) real.


Football was main team for one of the schools.


World championship is comming up...


More football.


This one has a little more nostalgic and intellectual touch.


Women and feathers.


This one is really huge. Try to figure out the size comparing to the people underneeth it, and it raised from its nest and spread the wings!


Dancing queen.


A giant. He has just risen up.


Eva lets the wind blow the carneval out of her hair on the beaches of Rio.


Life on Cubacabana.


Bjørn on Cubacabana a rainy day.