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Sint Maarten






Back in Sint Maarten the Heineken ragatta was on. We just partied. We did not sail. This picture from one of the parties.


Eva on the beach - same party.


When we came back to the dinghy dock, we wandered how to make our way out...


Simpson bay lagoon is visited by a lot of superyachts, or megayachts.


This one took almost half an hour to get through the passage out from the lagoon. The clearence on both sides was minimal. Must have been one of the biggest that ever visited the lagoon.


When we left Sint Maarten, our aim was the British Virgin Islands, which we are getting to here. But to come there we had to solve a problem that the month long stay in the lagoon had caused. "Tatt av vinden" had aquired more than an inch of fouling under the bottom, and the intake for the cooling water for the motor was fouled and the motor got overheated. Bjørn had to put on snorkeling gear and go under the boat about ten minutes out of Simpson bay. The water inlet was cleared, and the rest of the bottomn we cleaned one day in BVI.