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St. John, St. Thomas, Culebra and Vieques






We did a lot of snorkeling in Francis bay, St. John.


Even if we had seen both turtles and a sting ray when we walked the beach, we only saw small fish when we snorkeled.


In Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas we just stopped for provisioning and clear out customs (we had to do that even if St. Thomas and Culebra, our next island, both are US.)

The name Charlotte Amalie is a heritage from the time when the US Virgin Islands were Danish slave colonies. In the beginning of last century the USA bought the three islands from Denmark.


On our way out of the bay in Charlotte Amalie this one came very close.


Just afterwords it was airborne.


Next we arrived at Culebra. Culebra is part of Puerto Rico, but is a small island to the east of the main island.


Culebra was not a busy place...


Flamenco beach in Culebra is rated (some rate everything) as one of the best beaches in the entire US. OK, it is good. We walked there one morning before breakfast.


Outside the "Dingy Dock Bar and Restaurant" a school of turpons was fed by leftovers from the rastaurant meals. Some of them were realy big. In the evening there was a light on them for the entertainment.


Next we sailed over to Vieques, another somewhat sleepy little island south of Culebra, also administrative part of Puerto Rico. Our first stop was in Sun bay. The bay had a very attractive beach where families came to enjoy the weekend. nd some loved loud music. But it had charm.


Eva took the opportunity to clean the dinghy. It got really nice afterwards.


But on Sunday evening "Tatt av vinden" was the only boat in the bay.