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Shelter Bay 2016




Marina and jungle.


Tatt av vinden in Shelter Bay. New sun shade panels.


The work yard in Shelter Bay. Behaind is the security area where the boats are stored for loger time.


The marina area. The white building behind is the hotel and restaurant.


Eva has arrived, and we start walking in the jungle every morning.



Here we have joined a bird waching group. Two of the women were great amateur experts.


Howling monkey eating his breafast (the green leves of the tree).


This is a sloth. (Norwegian: Dovendyr).


Sometimes they even move. And this one showed us his face.




Bjørn waching the monkeys.


They know how to relax.


There was a whole tribe. Maybe 20 monkeys together.


Fort Lorenzo.


Fort Lorenzo and the Chagres river in the background. From here Morgan sailed up the river to Panama city and robbed it.


Bjørn in his most touristic look at Fort Lorenzo.


The jungle is not just green.


On another path another day.


A beautiful bird in the top of a coconut palm.