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Bocas del Toro 2016 (1)




Ciudad y sonderos (Town and paths).


A last job before we go to Bocas del Toro.


The work is done - let us go!.


Entering the Bocas del Toro Channel.


Caribbea style. In the background is "Tatt av vinden" at anchor.



We soon start walking again. Thisis from a hike along the coast.


OK, there are water holes along the path.


We had company in the bus with the visiting team for this football mach.


Beautiful beach. The beach is suitable for surfers and for turtles to lay eggs. We saw surfers bet no turtles. (The turtles do their job at night.)


Some places there are heavy outgoing currents.


Is it a 1964 model - or a combination of 1963 and 1964? (I am no expert).


They know how to use colors. We love it.


Waterside appartement.


Olas Hotel where they allowed us to use their dinghy dock. Very convenient for us.

  The post office. Opening hours before three o'clock - except for lunch. This is the only place in town to by stamps.


Another surfers paradise.


This Brazilian is a surf teacher, but he had no students, so he sold coconut with coconut water insted. Allways have a backup plan!


Typical view along the path this day.


These fruits are shaped as perfect sphares and more than 20 cm diameter. Anybody who knows what they are?


Lianes over the "highway" (paved at least!)..